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Managed IT Services Provider

Managed IT Services Provider expert engineers bring added value at a competitive rate with SeDanGroup’s Solution Stack.

Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems

Cloud based enterprise VoIP Phone Systems including Auto-attendants, single number reach, extensions and mobile phone apps.

Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions

Secure and compliant, cloud based enterprise backup solutions for all industries to recover and maintain critical business operations.

Data - Internet Connections

Certified Telecom Solutions and Cloud Computing Solutions Professionals providing connections for MPLS, data and internet.

Telecom Services

Tech Support

Cloud Technology

California Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Businesses have been moving to Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) environments using Cloud Technology for their Business Technology Services instead of the traditional Information Technology Departments and IT Support Services to reduce costs and increase profits. 

Managed Services Provider (MSP) engineers initially audits current Technology Infrastructure to provide risk assessments to then further analyze the business production impact from different types of disasters.

The deep understanding on how businesses are impacted is understood, strategic Business Continuity Plans are customized specificly to our clients’ vertical markets and unique business needs.

SeDanGroup initially audits our clients’ telecom data bandwidth for continuity then further analyzes telephone bills, application demands, current connection speeds, user counts and features. SeDanGroup Certified Telecommunication Specialists access hundreds of telecom carriers to provide recommendations for changes in internet connection carriers, phones systems, wireless networks and security. SeDanGroup negotiates on behalf of our clients with the VoIP and Data Providers to insure the best possible rates.
SeDanGroup initially audits your business for SEO and Social Media Presence on Google, Alexa, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp and DMOZ.

Once the Social Media Audit is complete SeDanGroup provides our Clients with customized reports including errors, corrections and recommendations from all of the top Social Media Platforms. Social Media Presence Plans are specific to your vertical market and unique business needs.

Business Process Management (BPM)


Initial Benchmark

No-obligation review of contracts, inventory, suppliers and vendors. Documentation of current systems, programs and configurations of phones and software.

Detailed Audit

Review for potential saving opportunities, benchmark current spending levels, identify inefficiencies and identify the most practical solutions.

Process Management

Strength & weakness analysis with most practical solutions. Recommend, measure and monitor adjustments to ensure savings remain on track.

Repeat Optimization

Ensuring arrangements are working as promised; continuing to make recommendations responding to changing circumstances and requirements.

Los Angeles Business Technology Services Provider

Telecom – VoIP Phone Systems

SeDanGroup is a Business Technology Firm that represents the future of Managed Cloud Technology and Business Process Management as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) of Telecom Services, Technical Support, Web Design and Social Media Services. Our team of experienced professionals proactively assume complete responsibility for our clients’ managed business processes and business technology solutions. Clients’ expectations are exceeded because we are accountable and understandable.

Business Technology has changed our values, the way we communicate and work. SeDanGroup has all the flexibility and resources necessary in a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for building, maintaining and expanding businesses.

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Telecom – Tech Support – VoIP Phone Systems

Business Analytics

Evolve business processes that set business trends for your vertical market while reviewing reports on business metrics through interactive visualizations using charts and graphs.

Business Solutions

Keep up with mainstream Managed Services Provider (MSP) technologies to stay ahead of the competition and prepare for future business demands!

Social Presence

Auto-attendants, phone numbers, Alexa, bing, DMOZ, Facebook, LinkedIn, apps, Yelp, Google+, Youtube and always evolving websites, managed.

Award Winning

Managed Services Provider (MSP) portfolio of partners, products, services and technologies that are the best in the world.

Virtual CIO

Network Security

VoIP Phone Systems

Managed IT Services Provider

Business Technology advances continue to provide a plethora of business tools to automate complex business processes and assist in creating a more productive environment while promoting creativity, collaboration and efficiency. While we support EVERY current business technology process we assist our clients in moving to managed Cloud Services Technology, we eat our own dog food; we use the technology that we recommend to our clients and partner with.

IT Managed Services Provider (MSP)

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